Terms and Conditions

These Conditions set out the rights and obligations of the remover (we-us-our ) and the customer ( you-your ).  

These Terms and Conditions can only be changed with the prior written agreement of both the remover and the customer.



1.0  Our quotation is an inclusive price



2.0  We reserve the right to amend the price stated in the quotation to take account of changes of circumstances which were not taken into account when preparing our quotation

Such factors may include the following :-

2.1 Where the work is not carried out within 3 months of the date stated in the quotation.

2.2 We are unable to access the collection or delivery point or such access is inadequate or inappropriate for our vehicles. 

2.3 We supply any additional services.

2.4 We are requested to provide additional services not included in the quotation, including the moving or storing of extra goods.

2.5 There are delays or events outside our control which increase the cost or resources required to complete the work. 

2.6 We have to pay parking or parking penalty charges.


Additional Work

3.0 Unless otherwise agreed in writing the following is not included in the quotation.

3.1 Taking up or removal of fitted floor coverings.

3.2 The movement of any item or items which our staff reasonably believe they cannot move safely,

3.3 If you have requested and paid for a dismantling and/or reassembling service it is on the express understanding that as we are dealing with previously erected goods, whilst all care will be taken, we will not be liable for any damage caused.

3.4 Entering into loft/attic space to load/unload furniture and contents 


Your Responsibilities

4.0  You must

4.1 Be present either personally or through an authorised representative during the collection and delivery process.

4.2 Check to ensure that all your goods are removed before leaving the vacating property 

4.3 If you have elected to pack yourself then all packing must be completed by the time of commencement of your move. If this has not happened and it adds unforeseen time to the move, then extra charges will apply 

4.4 Make sure all contents are boxed and securely sealed

4.5 Empty, defrost and clean refrigerators and freezing equipment.

4.6 Declare in writing to us the value of the goods being removed and/or stored (unless you elect for our liability to be limited to £65 per item)

4.7 We will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or additional expense that may occur as a result of your failure to fulfil these obligations unless by reason of our own negligence or breach of contract.


Postponement and Cancellation

5.0 If this agreement is postponed or cancelled, we may charge you depending on the amount of notice given. Our charges are as follows:-

5.1 More than 7 days before the booked date – no charge.

5.2 Between 3 and 7 days before booked date :- 25% of the full removal cost.

5.3 Less than 3 days before the booked date :- 35% of the full removal cost

5.4 If commencement of unloading is delayed due to key waiting then the following may apply.

5.5 The unloading crew will not unload if it would mean unloading cannot be completed by 9.00 pm. The usual calculation for unloading is two thirds of the loading time.

5.6 Key waiting time is charged at £15 per hour per man from 2 pm if you have not gained access to your new property 

5.7 If key exchange does not happen on the removal day after we have loaded then we will arrange storage for your goods at your cost. We will then reorganise your redelivery at the same cost to you of the original booked move.



6.0  All deposits paid to us are non-refundable and non-transferable unless agreed in writing by us  



7.0 You must not withhold any part of the agreed price.

7.1 You must pay our charges so that we have cleared funds no later than the day of your move 

7.2 We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts.


Our Liability for Loss or Damage

8.0 We shall not be liable to the extent that loss or damage is caused or contributed to by moving goods under your express instructions against our advice and in a manner that is likely to cause damage.

8.1 You must notify us within 7 days of any damages to your furniture/contents 

8.2 Unless taking out our extended liability cover each claim is limited to a maximum of £65 per item 

8.3 We shall not be liable for loss, damage or in any way unable to fulfil our contract with you for the following.

Act of war (whether declared or not) foreign or UK hostilities, civil war, terrorism or any other event that is deemed to be beyond our reasonable control.

8.4 We are not liable on a ‘new for old ‘basis for any lost or damaged goods.


Time Limit For Making a Claim

9.0  You must notify us of any loss or damage within 7 days of the collection of goods or within 7 days of the delivery of your goods (storage/long distance)


Withholding or Disposal of the Goods

10.0  We have the right to withhold and/or ultimately dispose of some or all of the goods until you have paid our charges and any other monies due under this or any other agreement between us.


Applicable Law

11.0  These Terms and Conditions are subject to the Law of England and Wales.


Whole Agreement

12.0  These Terms and Conditions together with our quotation form the whole agreement between us and all other correspondence or oral discussions or representations are excluded.

Additional T&Cs Regarding Covid19 

The following are not stand alone T&Cs but are in addition to the ones already in place covering moves by this company.

These will cover moves that take place during and after the Covid19 pandemic, and will remain in place until the government announces that there is zero risk of catching and/or passing it on.


1. The ongoing health of our workers and customers is of paramount importance.  If we have to cancel due to Covid19 symptoms to our crew then our standard T&Cs will prevail.

2. We must be informed if anyone in either the outgoing property or the incoming property is showing symptoms of Covid19. If this is the case then the move will be cancelled and standard cancellation fees will apply.

3. Whilst we will be taking all precautions we request that on move day, prior to our arrival, all handles, rails and any other surfaces are suitably sanitised. Please include toilet door handles and flush levers.

4. Prior to our arrival please turn any heating off and  open windows unless adverse weather dictates otherwise.

5.  Upon our arrival you must vacate the property. You can verbally instruct the foreman of any instructions from a safe distance.

6. Please ensure the safe distance from our crew is maintained at all times throughout the move.

7. The crew will arrive with appropriate PPE and will take all safety measures that they deem necessary. 

On arrival at the new property we will require a floor plan with designated places for main items of furniture.

9. The same distancing procedures to be followed as were implemented at loading at the previous property.

10. We will not be taking any cash payments at this time to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

11. These extra terms have been introduced at this time for the safety of yourselves,  your family and our crew and families.