Packing Guide

Go around each room in your home prior to packing and declutter, get rid of anything you don’t want to take to your new home.

These contents can be sold, given to family and friends or donated to local charities.


If you opt to do your own packing we recommend that you start well in advance of your move day to avoid any last minute panic.

Speak to us regarding what materials to use for packing, avoid thin or poor quality boxes as you want maximum protection for your treasured goods. Wrap any fragile items using good quality wrapping paper or bubble wrap.


Good, strong quality tie top bin bags are fine for soft furnishings only, bedding, pillows, teddy’s etc.


When making up your boxes please avoid folding or tucking in, instead seal by using good quality tape.

Try and maximise the space in each box by filling them to the top, this will avoid any crushing/damage when they are stacked on to the removals vehicles.


On the top of each box please write the destination room it needs to go in at the new property, this will ensure we can get each box in the correct location for you. A description of what’s in the box will help whilst you are unpacking.


Small boxes -

Fragile items, books etc


Large boxes -

Most other items. Plastics, clothing, electronics etc


Hanging clothes -

Please let us know how many items of hanging clothes you have  or show us on your pre-move survey and we can provide wardrobe cartons on your move day for transport of hanging clothes


For any further advise please don’t hesitate to contact us.